“Victory celebrates

human soul the best…

we are the way to your victory…

Over two decades,

we have not lost a single trial,

we are the best”


ANCo. is a New Delhi based litigation firm in India comprising finest and hardcore litigators of town. For over two decades we have provided legal expertise, advice and services to international and domestic clients. Aiming to exceed your expectations, we specialize in case strategy building and Court practice. We strongly believe in integrity, efficiency and fairness. Our motto is, “Victory celebrates human soul the best” and we are the way to victory. Over a decade, we have not lost a single trial.


We have dealt with litigation in diverse areas and have the best litigators in Criminal Laws, IPR Laws, Civil Laws, Property & Real Estate Laws, Coal & Mining, Electricity, Corporate & Commercial, Constitution, Dowry & Matrimonial, Consumer, Land Acquisition and Foreign Adoption Laws.

We are ANCO., Lawyers for you

Services & Fee

Inside the Courts, we fight for your right, liberty, respect, safety & well-being. We secure your business interest, property transactions & lands. We advise, strategize & fight for you in Courts of Law and Fact. We also watch and vet your litigation being handled by other lawyers to champion your cause. We handle arbitration and other claims for you. For in-house clients, we draft and vet corporate and commercial contracts including but not limited to non-disclosure agreements, collaboration contracts, employee agreements, venture contracts etc. We also advice on government works, contracts and coordination.


ANCo.’s policy on fees is to be flexible, transparent and reasonable to make you feel satisfied and having got value for money. Though fees are generally charged on an hourly basis, the Firm also considers providing either a lump sum fee quote, capped fee quote or any other fee arrangement which may be mutually acceptable, subject to the nature and scope of work and the time taken for its completion.

Managing partner


is associated with varied curricular and social activities, VNS enjoys impeccable reputation and integrity in the field of law and society. VNS is Vice-President of ‘Supreme Court Lawyers’ Sport Association (SCLSA)’ and Vice-President of ‘Laadli Foundation Trust’ working for the welfare, safety and benefit of unprivileged women and General Secretary of ‘We The People’ and drafted Memorandum on Lokpal Bill, 2011 containing Differences with the Jan Lokpal Bill, 2011 of Team Anna. The said Memorandum on Lokpal Bill, 2011 was well considered by the Parliamentary Standing Committee in framing the law.


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